Knife Gate Valves

We are engaged in manufacturing excellent performing Knife Gate Valve. Our range of feeders is specially designed so that there is no need of a controller or a vibrating electromagnetic coil.

The company has started manufacturing excellent performing Knife Gate Valve. These rotary feeders do not require any type of controller or a vibrating elector-magnetic coil. Centrifugal/Knife Gate Valve are fitted with a gear box and motor with a rotating disc, which rotates the components and places them in the provided oriented chute. Centrifugal/rotary motorized feeders are speedier in output then the vibratory bowl feeders.

Knife Gate Valve are of two sizes initially. Today, there are four distinct styles, ten sizes, 15 different models and over the numbers of different assembly combination to choose rotary feeder to suit every specific application. Generally the feeder will be fitted with 6 or 8 blades close-fitting, open end rotor, providing the best possible rotating seal against air leakage, since there are always 4 blades sealing, at any time during the rotation.